About PRK

PRK Drilling &  Blasting, Inc. is a family owned business specialized in the blasting of rock for Private and Government projects including buildings, roads and utilities.

Certified Virginia DBE / WBE #P547 & SWaM # 672352

Our History

PRK are the initials of Philip Royal Kingsley, founder of PRK Drilling & Blasting, Inc. Mr. Kingsley owned and operated drilling and blasting companies for over 25 years. His work extended from Maine to Oklahoma to North Carolina. He has owned quarry as well as construction operations.

PRK Drilling & Blasting, Inc. was founded in 1989 in Cambridge, NY. Operations included drilling and blasting for construction site development, heavy and highway, quarry and mines, and rock bolts and anchors. Work extended throughout New York, New England and of course, Virginia.

In the spring of 1997 PRK was awarded a job for JM Turner at Hollins College in Roanoke, Virginia. Phil Kingsley brought supervisor Bob Stimpson and blaster Frank Klebieko along with a small crew. Word spread quickly about their top quality team and the work offers poured in.

Frank Klebieko remained in Southern Virginia to manage the new blasting operations. Bob Stimpson returned to upstate New York. Phil directed the entire operation, traveling between states. Within months it was decided that PRK needed a permanent branch in Virginia. Frank was offered and accepted the opportunity to run this new division. About a year later Frank's wife Nicole, Safety Officer and daughter of Phil Kingsley, joined him.

Tragedy hit in July of 1999. Phil Kingsley, along with wife Barbra (Treasurer of PRK) were leaving one of PRK's job sites in Richmond, VA when a tractor trailer slammed into their vehicle, leaving Phil paralyzed. The first thing Phil told Nicole when he saw her was "We've still got a business to run." The family and crew of PRK pulled together, made some adjustments, and continued with business. Phil's determination and positive outlook kept things together and moving forward. The cooperation and dedication of the company was remarkable and something to be very proud of.

In 2004, headquarters for PRK was moved from the NY to the VA office. The decision was made to close the NY office and focus efforts on the growing opportunities in Virginia. Frank Klebieko remained in Virginia as the Vice President and Bob Stimpson joined the Virginia office as the General Manager.

In late 2004, the torch was officially passed when Nicole Klebieko purchased the company from Phil Kingsley. Such a transition always brings change, but the determination and vision for PRK has never faltered.